Genocide can’t be condoned, whoever does it

This submit on Twitter was made yesterday by this particular person:

He’s the director of the UN assist company in Gaza. It’s the solely company in a position to attain the individuals there.

He stated this:

The Israeli authorities has begun to make use of famine as an instrument struggle.

Please don’t ask me to condone, tolerate, or ignore this.

And please don’t inform me it’s anti-Semitic to sentence that authorities and its Zionism that motivated this, as a result of it’s not.

Like these Jews who condemn this authorities – and really massive numbers do – I rise up for humanity. Zionism can by no means excuse its abuse.

And please additionally do not inform me that is solely response to Hamas and seven October. I’ve condemned what they did then many occasions. However nothing excuses the struggle crimes the Netanyahu regime is committing now, or those that provide it with arms. Genocide can’t be condoned, whoever does it.

Has the time come for sanctions to be imposed on Israel?

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