What Is A Good SAI (Scholar Support Index)?

The Scholar Support Index (SAI) changed the Anticipated Household Contribution (EFC) for the 2024 – 2025 FAFSA (which households are submitting proper now).

Nonetheless, this has led to a whole lot of confusion. What does SAI imply? What’s a superb SAI? Will I nonetheless get support? Is the SAI what you are anticipated to pay for school?

Here is what it is advisable to know.

What Is The Scholar Support Index (SAI)?

The Scholar Support Index (SAI) is rather like it sounds – an index. The quantity represents a tough estimate of your loved ones’s monetary want for school. It’s extremely very similar to the Anticipated Household Contribution (EFC), however as a result of complicated nature of the EFC, lawmakers have determined to make a change. Nonetheless, the fact is that the change is usually in identify.

The objective was actually to focus on that the Scholar Support Index is NOT essentially what you are anticipated to pay for school. As a substitute, it is only a numerical illustration of your loved ones’s monetary want. 

The SAI can also be used to calculate Pell Grant eligibility.

What Is A “Good” SAI?

When most individuals ask a couple of “good” SAI, they’re eager to know what SAI quantity will qualify for essentially the most monetary support.

But it surely’s necessary to keep in mind that it is not the SAI that “provides” you support – the Division of Training forwards your FAFSA and SAI info to your school, who then can award you monetary support. That monetary support award might embody Federal grants, college scholarships, pupil loans, work research, and extra.

The thought behind the SAI is to higher quantify monetary want.

The decrease the SAI quantity, the extra monetary want your loved ones has. The bottom attainable SAI is -1500. An SAI from -1500 to 0 qualifies for the complete Pell Grant.

An SAI above 0 should still get a Pell Grant, however it would rely on the price of attendance of your school. You’ll be able to see how the formulation for Pell Grants works right here.

As your SAI will get larger, the much less monetary want your loved ones is demonstrating. As soon as your SAI is above 20,000, the percentages of getting need-based monetary support might be slim, count on at the costliest faculties.

You’ll be able to see the full breakdown on this SAI chart.

Individuals Additionally Ask

What Does An SAI Of -1500 Imply?

An SAI of -1500 is the bottom attainable SAI rating. It signifies that you are eligible for a full Pell Grant, and can seemingly qualify for different need-based monetary support.

What Is A Excessive SAI?

The SAI has no higher restrict. Nonetheless, as soon as your SAI exceeds 30,000, it is not possible you will obtain any sort of need-based monetary support.

What Is A Low SAI?

The bottom SAI is -1500. Nonetheless, an SAI from -1500 to 0 is all thought of the identical and certified for a full Pell Grant.

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