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save (and make investments) your first $100,000

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Timeline to $100,000 on a $60,000 revenue utilizing a 3.5% HISA 

Years  Saving 10% ($500 a month) Saving 15% ($750 a month) Saving 20% ($1,000 a month) 
1 $6,517 ($17 curiosity) $9,776 ($26 curiosity) $13,035 ($35 curiosity)
2 $12,746 ($246 curiosity) $19,118 ($368 curiosity) $25,491 ($491 curiosity)
3 $19,192 ($692 curiosity) $28,788 ($1,038 curiosity) $38,383 ($1,383 curiosity)
4 $25,863 ($1,363 curiosity) $38,795 ($2,045 curiosity) $51,727 ($2,727 curiosity)
5 $32,729 ($2,269 curiosity) $49,153 ($3,403 curiosity) $65,537 ($4,537 curiosity)
10 $71,094 ($10,594 curiosity) $106,640 ($15,890 curiosity) $142,187 ($21,187 curiosity)
15 $116,612 ($26,112 curiosity) $174,918 ($39,168 curiosity) $233,224 ($52,224 curiosity)
20  $170,673 ($50,173 curiosity) $256,009 ($75,259 curiosity) $341,346 ($100,346 curiosity)
50  $788,780 ($488,280 curiosity) $1,183,170 ($732,420 curiosity) $1,274,082 ($733,082 curiosity)
Use this compound curiosity calculator to plug in your precise revenue particulars. 

Naturally, the extra it can save you out of your whole revenue, the extra compound curiosity will assist speed up your progress in the direction of your first $100,000. Referring to the desk, the $60,000 earner saving the advisable minimal of 10% will save $100,000 by yr 14, whereas a extra aggressive method of saving 15% ($750 a month versus $500) will get you there in 9 years. 

The easiest way to take a position $100,000 in Canada

How must you make investments your first $100,000? It will depend on your objectives, how a lot and the way typically you contribute to the funding account, and your timeline. 

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In case your objective is to purchase a home or condominium, the first dwelling financial savings account (FHSA) is the very best account to carry these financial savings, says Sather. “It provides you the very best of all worlds, however you’re restricted to $8,000 a yr to a most of $40,000. So, that solely will get you to $40,000, not $100,000.” On this case, he advises supplementing that with a tax-free financial savings account (TFSA) or registered retirement financial savings plan (RRSP).

“A TFSA is a no brainer since you put the cash in, and it’s versatile; you’ll be able to take it out,” says Sather. He provides that RRSPs are useful for medium- to long-term objectives like retirement, schooling or a house. Within the case of schooling or a house, you’ll be able to borrow cash out of your RRSP for these objectives (via the Lifelong Studying Plan and House Consumers’ Plan, respectively). However you’ll should pay that cash again over a time frame—or embrace it as revenue in your tax return.

If the objective is proudly owning actual property, having each an FHSA and a TFSA is the best way to go, he says. For a automotive, Sather recommends a TFSA. However for retirement planning, look to RRSPs and TFSAs, in addition to investing with a non-registered (taxable) account, which has no contribution limits. “The TFSA is sensible as you pay no tax on the features and curiosity earned, and also you get your withdrawn contribution room again the next yr after withdrawal,” says Sather. (Undecided which account you want? Learn this comparability of the TFSA versus RRSP.)

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Sather underscores the significance of in search of out the highest rates of interest from on-line banking establishments along with your brick-and-mortar banks that usually ship a superior return. Take, as an illustration, these high 5 high-interest financial savings accounts of 2024, with rates of interest starting from 3% to five%.

Working with a monetary advisor is one other tip which will get you a greater return. “The rates of interest the banks provide advisors to offer to purchasers virtually double, if not triple, what purchasers are getting from the financial institution on their very own,” says Sather. “The banks provide 4.65% to advisors on their high-interest financial savings accounts versus 2% or much less for these on the department.”

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