Oxford must get up and scent the shit

I watched each boat races yesterday. Why? As a result of I needed Cambridge to received. They do, in any case, prepare in my residence metropolis of Ely on a little bit of river with which I’m very acquainted. There was some native curiosity for me.

I used to be, in consequence, joyful to notice two Cambridge wins, each in opposition to the percentages.

However there was one other slight satisfaction in noting this. My disquiet about Oxford, its politics, philosophy and economics diploma, and the pernicious affect that graduates from that diploma appear to have had on British political life over the past forty years meant that I couldn’t assist however notice that the failings of neoliberalism performed an enormous half within the Cambridge wins.

Oxford couldn’t get on the water to follow for weeks earlier than the race due to flooding at their boat membership. The regulated waters of the Ouse suffered no such destiny. One for state backed controls within the face of world warming then.

After which there was e-coli, which the Oxford crew blamed for illness amongst their crew. Privatisation, a lot beloved of the Oxford PPE crowd, appeared to chunk again in that case.

There was, for me, an inevitable sense of schadenfreude about this that I couldn’t suppress.

Will Oxford be campaigning for clear water now? I received that sense from Cambridge commentators, and fewer so from these from Oxford. Perhaps they need to get up and scent the shit. It could be lengthy overdue in the event that they did.

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