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What are coated name ETFs, and are they good investments?


First, what’s a coated name, anyway?

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A name choice is an settlement that provides a purchaser the appropriate to purchase a inventory at a predetermined worth sooner or later. The vendor is compensated for giving the decision choice purchaser the proper (or the choice) to purchase the funding they personal. The choice is “coated” if the vendor owns the underlying inventory. Canadian buyers can “write” (promote) a coated name choice once they wish to scale back the danger of proudly owning an funding.

In 1999, Mark Cuban (the minority proprietor of the Dallas Mavericks however higher often called a panellist on Shark Tank) bought to Yahoo!, and in return obtained 14.6 million shares of the corporate. Cuban was compelled to carry Yahoo’s shares (probably on account of a lock-in interval) and carried out a model of coated calls to guard his place, explains Koivula. 

Within the instance above, Mark Cuban may give one other investor the appropriate to buy one share of Yahoo—let’s say at $100 per share—at a future date. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll assume Cuban’s Yahoo shares are value $95 every, so he was capable of promote the choice for, say, $4. Listed here are two hypothetical outcomes: 

  • State of affairs 1: Yahoo’s shares transfer as much as $110 per share. The counterparty workouts their choice to purchase at $100, and Cuban has to promote it to them at that worth. He misses out on the $15 acquire, however nonetheless has the $4 from promoting the choice. Cuban ends with $99 as an alternative of the $110 he would have if he hadn’t bought the choice.
  • State of affairs 2: Yahoo’s shares fall to $90 per share. The counterparty doesn’t train the choice as a result of they wouldn’t purchase shares for $100 that they may purchase for $90. Cuban has misplaced $5 on the worth of his Yahoo share. Nevertheless, the loss has been offset by the $4 premium from promoting the choice. Cuban ends with $94 as an alternative of the $90 he would have if he hadn’t bought the choice.
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You’ll be able to see that the coated name acts as a type of dampener on the investor’s total return, whereas giving them rapid revenue ($4 within the instance above).

What are coated name ETFs? 

Most Canadian buyers don’t implement choices trades. However they’ll personal coated name ETFs. Lined name ETF suppliers step in to implement this commerce on buyers’ behalf, with a bigger pool of funds. World X’s S&P 500 Lined Name ETF (XYLD) is a widely known instance of a coated name ETF. In Canada, examples embrace RBC’s Canadian Dividend Lined Name ETF (RCDC) and CI’s Gold+ Giants Lined Name ETF (CGXF). Use a Canadian ETF screener to seek out extra.

Why are coated name ETFs gaining traction? 

Many Canadian retail buyers are looking for the highest dividend or yield that they’ll discover in an ETF. In lots of circumstances, coated name ETFs come up close to the highest of that search, says Koivula.

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A few of his personal shoppers see coated name ETFs providing eye-popping yields, and so they resolve to additional examine the chance. Certainly, as of Feb 14, 2024, XYLD paid a ten.6% 12-month trailing yield, which, on face worth, is a really robust revenue yield. 

ETFs like this may work effectively within the short-run. Koivula factors out that shoppers like that they’re “getting paid to attend” in the event that they assume markets will likely be flat or down.


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