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What Dangers Do Close to Retirees and Retirees Face from Inflation, and How Do They React? – Heart for Retirement Analysis


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The report’s key findings are:

  • Excessive inflation tends to hurt older households, however the measurement of the impression varies on account of three elements:
    1. the extent to which earnings and property sustain with rising costs;
    2. the quantity of fixed-rate debt, which declines in actual phrases as inflation rises; and
    3. the extent to which households reply.
  • Absent any response, retirees are harm greater than close to retirees as, outdoors of Social Safety, their earnings is much less listed to costs and so they maintain much less debt.
  • Amongst households that do reply, new information present that many faucet property and reduce on saving, which implies extra consumption as we speak however much less tomorrow.

The Heart for Retirement Analysis at Boston School gratefully acknowledges Jackson Nationwide Life Insurance coverage Firm for supporting this analysis.


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