Delta Will Debut New Premium Lounges at Three Airports in 2024

New Delta Premium Lounges

Delta Air Lines revealed today that it will soon bring a new premium lounge experience to customers in JFK, LAX and BOS.

JFK will host the inaugural premium lounge, a sweeping 38,000-square-foot space that will feature both a full-service brasserie and a casual, chef-assisted market with open kitchens, dedicated wellness areas and more. Delta has also shared some rendering of the new lounge, and it looks impressive.

It’s still not known who exactly will have access to these premium lounge are still being finalized. But Claude Roussel’s, Vice President of Sky Club and Lounge Experience says that they want “guests to receive a highly personalized and dedicated level of service. It’s not enough to have beautiful spaces and exceptional offerings. Premium lounge customers should feel welcomed and known when they walk in the door, just as they would at their favorite hotel or restaurant. We look forward to providing that warm welcome and making ‘premium’ feel personal for each guest.”

In addition to the new premium lounges, Delta Sky Club will debut in Charlotte, and add a second Club in Seattle. Delta will also expand the existing Miami and LGA Clubs. This comes after an eventful 2023, where a new Delta Sky Clubs opened in in Kansas City’s newly renovated airport, a nature-inspired oasis on MSP’s G Concourse, a sleek second lounge on JFK’s T4 terminal, a nautical-themed Club on BOS’s E Concourse overlooking the Boston Harbor, and a larger, refreshed EWR lounge at Delta’s new Terminal A home.  

Back in September Delta announced an overhaul to its Sky Club access guidelines, among other changes. The company limited access for many, saying that American Express card holders would no longer get unlimited access to the airline’s airport lounges. It walked back some changes, but overall it remained a negative move. Delta then revealed this week improvements to its credit card offerings, but it also hiked annual fees.


  • LGA: An expansion of the Terminal C Club will add a Sky Deck and more than 100 seats to the Club. Early summer 2024 
  • MIA: Following an expansion of the Club at Miami International Airport, the location will top 12,000 square feet with planned seating for 320 guests. Q2 2024  

New Clubs

  • JFK: The much-anticipated premium lounge will make its debut early summer 2024. At 38,000 feet (including a year-round terrace), JFK’s premium lounge will be the largest in the Delta network. June 2024 
  • CLT: A new market for Delta Sky Club, the first-ever Charlotte location will seat over 250 people and measure nearly 15,000 square feet. Q4 2024 
  • SEA: Delta Sky Club will open a 21,000-plus-square-foot location on Seattle-Tacoma International Airport’s Terminal A, its second Club at the airport. Q4 2024 
  • LAX: Delta Sky Club will bring the premium experience to the west coast with the opening of the LAX premium lounge featuring an exclusive outdoor terrace. The 10,000-plus-square-foot space will be directly accessible by elevator from the Delta One check-in area. Q4 2024 
  • BOS: Rounding out the year, the new 6,300-square-foot BOS-E premium lounge will seat 120 customers. The premium lounge will be connected to the recently opened BOS-E Delta Sky Club; premium lounge guests will have access to both spaces. Q4 2024 

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